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Silverex Ionic Gel

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Active-IngredientSilver Nitrate
ManufacturersSun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd
Packaging20g in tube
Delivery-Time6 To 15 days
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Silverex Ionic Gel is a sort of topical ointment which can potentially help in providing curing effects against burns, cuts, and wounds. Mostly it is a doctor who will recommend the use of such medicines which can enable you to cure the wounds in your body faster.

So only after you have got a recommendation of using the Silverex Ionic Gel is it safe to apply a topical gel that contains silver in the form of its nitrate compounds in it.

Silverex Ionic Gel has to be used at least for a few days for getting the proper effects of the medicine. it may take time for the silver to act on your cuts and wounds and then provide you with the effects.

The key generic contents which are found in the Buy Silverex Ionic Gel include silver nitrate and ethyl alcohol. The Silver ionic gel comes in an easily-to-apply form And all you have to do is apply the cream directly on the cuts and wounded areas. You can use a cotton piece to apply the cream to the affected regions.


Depending on the severity of the affected regions on your skin you need to apply a certain amount of the cream on the affected regions. Doctors are going to help you figure out the dosage schedule for you. You will have to keep using the dosage regularly sometimes maybe even using the cream more than once per day to see the effective changes.

The daily dosage must be applied more than once while ensuring equal time gaps between dosage applications for the medicine to work consistently. Unless you do so the drug may not work to its full efficacy and it may take longer than usual to heal your wounds.

Side Effects

Now we come to the side effects section of the Silverex Ionic Gel For Sale where we shall have a look at some of the adverse effects which may be possible using the cream. So generally the side effects will not occur. This is what most of the patients using the Silverex Ionic Gel say about using the ointment.

Of course, a few very rare occasions have been seen where patients had to deal with side effects such as rashes, inflammation, skin redness, and others.


Remember to talk to the doctors and inform them about any other possible other ointments or gels that you might be using. Other than this, adhere to the timings of the Silverex Ionic Gel Online and ensure applying the doses on time.

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    Holly Lucy

    satisfactory service. efficient and prompt shipping. arrived earlier than anticipated. Moreover, the product functions; I didn't notice much of a difference for about three weeks. Additionally, the staff has always been extremely knowledgeable, accommodating, and helpful. I plan to buy from this store for a very long time.

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