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Retino AC Gel

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ManufacturersJanssen Pharmaceuticals, India
Packaging15 gm in 1 tube
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Retino AC Gel is a unique combination of two medicinal ingredients which can foster prevention of acne control and its complete reduction. Ideally, it can help reduce pimples and acne which are occurring on your face, neck, shoulders, and back.

This medicine manufactured by Janssen Pharmaceuticals has a combination of two generic substances within it that includes Clindamycin and Tretinoin.

Remember that the medicine is for use as a topical gel and should only be used for direct application on the skin without any further dilution.

At times it may cause some side effects such as skin peeling, or burning. But eventually, these side effects should disappear as your body becomes more and more adjustable to the dose. Unless the side effects are going away completely you may need to report such instances to the doctor.

During the application process it is critical to wash hands right before and immediately after applying the cream. Do not put a finger in your nose, mouth, or eyes without washing your hands or even having food with bare hands.

The medicine is only safer for use in adults and is thus avoided for use in children or those below 18.

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Your dosage of the Retino AC Gel Online should continue for a few weeks or sometimes a few months at least. Generally, the use of the cream does not come with instant effects. So within the first few days, you may notice very little visual changes.

But eventually, once you keep consistent with your use the effects should come in within a few weeks. During this time ask the doctors whether to apply the cream once or twice or even more during the day.

Generally, the doctors will recommend you apply the cream once or twice if your acne conditions are mild.

Side Effects

Usually, the side effects of Retino AC Gel At Australia are not very concerning although a few side effects are possible.

Some of the most common ones which patients have suffered from include skin rashes, itching, burning, swelling, inflammation, Dry Skin, blackening of the skin, and so on.


Only apply that much of the Retino AC Gel For Sale that is needed to gently cover the affected areas.

Avoid using the cream more than the said number of times within a day.

If your skin is already sensitive to specific lotions or gels make sure to inform the doctors.

Avoid applying the cream when side effects such as skin peeling, darkening of the skin, skin inflammation, or severe itching and rashes are occurring with no signs of stopping.

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