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Privacy Policy

Australiarxmeds puts our customers and their privacy first. We encrypt the data you provide when you log in to ensure your privacy. Our goal is to make your shopping experience smoother and better by using this information to help you make informed decisions.

Here’s What We Collect About You

The personally identifiable information we get in these methods is used by us to maintain, grow, and enhance our company. This data is used to improve customer service and notify you of new items.

You Have the Option to opt Out With Our Online Pharmacy

Customers can always revoke their authorization to share personal information if it becomes unnecessary or irrelevant.

We’ll only consider you ”opt-in” if you are explicitly opt-in. As long as a customer doesn’t opt-in, they’re considered to be “opt-out.” When third parties collect personally identifiable information about them, we make sure they’re notified.

By informing our clients, we make sure they know the necessary to decide whether or not to proceed with any services that call for the sharing of their personally identifiable information.

Australiarxmeds informs its consumers about all of its online pharmacy’s products and services by sending them surface mail marketing letters or promotional/marketing emails. They have the option to stop getting emails from us at any moment they choose.

How Do Cookies Work?

Cookies are little text files that contain anonymous unique identifiers. Every time you visit a website, your computer is prompted to save this text file in a location on your hard drive designated just for cookies. If your browser permits it, every website you visit might store a cookie on your hard drive. To protect user privacy, most browsers only allow websites to access cookies they’ve already sent to you, not cookies from other sites.

How We Use the Data We Gather From Cookies

We use cookies to differentiate all our customers. Sometimes we use these cookies to make sure our customers don’t see ads they don’t want. The cookies we use also make sure that customers do not have to log in more frequently than is necessary.

By combining cookies with our server’s log files, we can figure out how many people are visiting our pharmacy. Also, it tells us which parts of the site are most popular so that we can find ways to serve our customers better and make their experience better.

Changes Notified

The Privacy Policy may be updated from time to time by Australiarxmeds. As soon as we make changes, we’ll announce them here and in other places. This allows customers to know about the information of the customer with us and how we use it. We’ll even post a notice and email customers who opted in to receive info from us.