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Banocide Forte 50 Mg

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ManufacturersGlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Packaging20 tablets in 1 strip & 30 tablets in 1 strip
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Are you suffering from a parasitic worm infection? Are you afflicted with a thread-like parasitic roundworm? If yes, do not overlook the symptoms of both parasitic diseases. These diseases can occur in adults and children and at any age. The infection can turn out to be hazardous if not treated at the right time.

Your medical provider will suggest you use Banocide Forte 50 Mg. This medicine is designed to treat parasitic worm infections. Banocide Forte 50 Mg is a potent antibiotic drug that eliminates the growth of parasites in the human body.

As you take this antibiotic, you will start feeling better. Finish the full course and keep taking this drug even if you feel fine. Patients who suffer from Filariasis can also use this medicine. Kill the parasitic infections from the root with the use of effective medicine.

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There are several dosages of Banocide Forte 50 Mg Diethylcarbamazine available in various pharmacies. A doctor will do some medical tests to know the exact cause of the infection. After studying your medical report, a particular dose will be prescribed to patients. Patients who suffer from parasitic worm infections should finish the dose. Taking the medicine as your doctor instructs you can help fix the infection.

Consume a whole pill of this antibiotic medicine with a glass of water. Without splitting or breaking a pill, ingest a tablet with water. Take the prescribed dose once a day and at a fixed time. Make sure to consume the drug after having your meal.

Do not double the dose within 24 hours. By doing so, you will affect your health. Severe health complications may arise after overdosing on a tablet. Keep in mind not to skip a dose which may reduce the impact of the medicine. In case you forget to ingest a pill, take it before your next dose begins.

Side Effects

People with parasitic worm infections may come across certain side effects after taking the antibiotic drug. Some common side effects patients may experience are abdominal pain, Headache, and vomiting. If a side effect troubles you, get in touch with your doctor immediately.


Kidney disease patients and liver disease patients should not have this antibiotic drug. Consult your doctor before using this antibiotic medicine. It is strictly advised to consume Banocide Forte 50 Mg At Australiarxmeds with food. Try not to be in contact with people who have infections or who are sick. Never skip a dose and stop taking the medication mid-way. If you stop taking the antibiotic drug, the risk of parasitic infections will increase. In case the compound does not suit you, notify your medical provider.

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    Sevak A. Devereaux

    Since I started taking these tablets, I haven't experienced any side effects. I had no health problems with them, they worked perfectly fine.

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