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Many skin infections happen due to herpes simplex virus. Many people suffer from herpes labialis which is a viral infection. In herpes labialis, the lip of a person is affected. An inflicted person may notice symptoms such as burning pain along with sores or small blisters. If this viral infection gets worse, seek medical assistance.

Your medical provider will prescribe you Acivir Cream which is an antiviral drug that treats skin infections caused due to herpes simplex virus. This cream stops the multiplication of viruses in skin cells and helps clear the infection in the affected skin. This effective cream heals herpes labialis effectively. After using this antiviral cream, you will not get sores back again. To reap maximum benefit, you should keep using the cream.


Various dosages of Acivir Cream Online can be accessed from various pharmacies. Your medical professional will check the condition of the skin infection before prescribing you medicine. After checking the skin condition on the lip, a specific dose of the cream is prescribed to patients. You should make sure to apply the cream as your doctor tells you.

Use the potent cream as per dose and duration. Make the affected area clean and dry before using Acivir Cream. After using the cream, wash your hands properly with water and soap. To stop the infection from spreading, do not touch the sores unnecessarily with a towel or your hands.

Overusing the cream can affect the afflicted part of the skin. You may experience severe skin infections after overusing this cream. Make sure to apply only small amounts of skin as your doctor instructs you. Ask your medical provider how many times you need to apply this cream.

Side Effects

Some side effects patients may come across after using this antiviral cream. Some common side effects include Itching, a burning sensation, and redness in the skin. If any of the side effects continue for a longer duration, tell your Healthcare Provider.


Acivir Cream For Sale should be used only for external purposes. Make use of the cream in the proper duration and dose as your doctor tells you. Before applying the ointment, the affected part of the skin needs to be clean and dry. Keep in mind not to touch the sores with your towel or hands. Keep this cream away from your kids. Do not use the antiviral cream on your lips, nose, and mouth. If accidental exposure takes place, rinse the part of the skin with water.

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