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There are Several Treatments Available for ED

By Australiarxmeds, Feb-18-2023  

There are Several Treatments Available for ED

Since the dawn of the 21st Century the number of people or men should we say with erectile issues has been on the rise with each passing year. It is good to know that treatment options have increased, too. Do any of these work, and which ones are just hype?

Erectile Dysfunction has increased by 250 percent since Viagra was introduced in 1998. People realize that they are not alone and that they have options. Besides pills like Sildenafil, vardenafil, tadalafil, etc., surgical, therapeutic, and do-it-yourself treatments can work. Older erectile dysfunction treatments are more popular than ever, especially for men who can not take pills. A variety of treatments are available for erectile dysfunction. Read on to know about.

➤ Treatments Available For Erectile Dysfunction

➯ ED Medicines (Sildenafil, Vardenafil, Tadalafil)

Fildena medicine can be used to treat erectile dysfunction. About 80 Percent of men with erectile dysfunction use sildenafil, vardenafil, and tadalafil as their first line of treatment. The drugs are call phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors and are approved by the FDA. They work by increasing blood flow to an erection. Nasal congestion and Headache are the most common side effects. You can not take erectile dysfunction Pills if you take nitroglycerin for heart disease because they can drop your blood pressure.

➯ Injections For The Penis

Penile injections are the best erectile dysfunction treatment for guys who can not take oral medication. The FDA-approved drug Alprostadil triggers an automatic erection when injected directly into the penis. It works 85 percent of the time. A burning sensation and priapism, an erection that lasts longer than four hours, are possible side effects.

➯ Muse

The Muse is a dissolvable pellet that can be inserter directly into the urethra, the opening of the penis, for men who can not or will not self-inject alprostadil. The side effects of using MUSE for erectile dysfunction can include aching, burning, and minor bleeding.

➯ Vacuum Pump

You can not or do not want to take drugs? Among men with erectile dysfunction who do not like pills, the Vacuum Pump method is next. You pump air out of a plastic cylinder over your penis to force blood into your penis to get an erection. You slide an elastic ring onto the base of your penis to hold it in place. In about 75 percent of cases, this erectile dysfunction treatment device works. The ring must be remove after 30 minutes, and side effects include numbness, bruising, and weak ejaculation. An easy and convenient way to obtain a hard erection is by using Fildena 150.

➯ Surgical Implants

Do you already have some surgical implants in your body and have erectile issues? Well, in this case, two types of surgical implants might help. Pumping fluid into cylinders inside the penis can manually create an erection with an implantable pump. Surgical implants for curing erectile issues in men in those days have become common indeed. These erectile dysfunction treatments come with infection and mechanical problems.

➯ Sex Therapy

Erectile Dysfunction probably has a lot to do with evolution – men did not need an erection when dinosaurs chased them. Blood-flow-creating drugs can not help if your fight-or-flight response is preventing an erection. ED drug treatment and sexual therapy, individual therapy, or couples therapy may be the best way to treat erectile dysfunction cause by performance anxiety, depression, poor relationship, or stress.

➯ Hormone Therapy For Men

Drug ads aimed at improving “low T,” or Testosterone, are now vying for airtime, but they are about desire, not performance. Male hormones are not approved for treating erectile dysfunction. Low testosterone men can use it to increase desire, but it does not improve blood flow to an erection. You can have a blood test to check if you have low testosterone, but It is rare.

Now in case if you are already a victim of prostate cancer it is not a good idea for you to take pills that help boost testosterone.

➯Herbal Supplements

A lot of men have tried herbal supplements to treat erectile dysfunction, including ginkgo biloba, saw palmetto, and Yohimbe. The problem is, none of them have been approve by the FDA or even shown to help prevent, treat, or improve erectile dysfunction. You should not take supplements to treat erectile dysfunction without talking to your doctor first. Super P Force is a medication that relieves erectile dysfunction symptoms immediately.

➯ Shock Wave Therapy

Low-energy shock waves can treat Erectile Dysfunction by revascularizing heart blood vessels, a process call revascularization. A shock wave treatment may also work on the penis, and there have been some promising results, but It is not approve yet. The shock waves are similar to those use to break up kidney stones and may revascularize your body. No good controlled studies have been done yet, so we can not recommend it yet.

➤ Taking Care Of Your Erectile Dysfunction At Home

You can improve your sexual life and deal with erectile dysfunction by making a few lifestyle changes.

➯ Maintain A Regular Exercise Routine

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is essential. Maintains regulated Blood Flow in the pelvic area. Those who aren’t physically active are more likely to have Erectile Dysfunction. Try running, swimming, or brisk walking for physical exercise.

Now it is not that you can only prevent having erection issues if you are a motivator of having regular exercises every day. Indeed you can become free from other disorders as well, and mind you some of these have backlinks with erectile dysfunction as well. To give you some examples will be cardiovascular disorders, neurological disorders, stress, anxiety, hypertension, and liver and kidney issues among others.

➯ What To Eat And What To Avoid

It is important to maintain blood flow to the sexual organs like the pelvis and penis with a healthy, balance diet. People with healthy eating habits are less likely to get obesity, vascular diseases, and diabetes. Make sure you eat fruits, vegetables, and whole grains every day. Foods like meat and refined grains can cause erectile dysfunction, so cut back or avoid them.

➤ Final words

There will be a dissolvable ED Pills  that you put under your tongue that may work faster than the pills we have now. Some dissolvable pills are already available. With a new form of alprostadil, you can rub it directly on your penis instead of injecting or inserting it. Be sure to stay tune!

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