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What Are The Risks Of Erectile Dysfunction In Your 20s?

By Australiarxmeds, Feb-21-2023  

What Are The Risks Of Erectile Dysfunction In Your 20s

Erectile Dysfunction is no more an issue that needs to be described. What is Erectile Dysfunction, if asked a few decades ago men with less than 20 wouldn’t have known much. But as science and technology progressed and the internet became a household item, sexual content was accessible to everyone.

This was one of the major changes in men of the current generation; they were more exposed to sexual content.

Hence, sexual disorders became more common and it has reached a point where we have to discuss Erectile Dysfunction in the 20s. Today, even a higher school student is very much aware of ED and pills like Fildena Double 200 and Malegra 50.

This speaks a lot about society and the disorders it has to deal with. Talking about ED in the 20s, boys need to be really cautious, or else serious damage could occur.

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Still, for readers who may have just heard about Erectile Dysfunction, let’s describe it. Just like any other disorder or health issue, ED is also one of them. But some people do not take it as a disease, hence they ignore its treatment and hence, end up in a big mess.

It is a disorder that can be treated with proper medical treatment under the supervision of a doctor. Basically, it is a situation when men attain an erection that is not sufficient for a pleasing sexual experience.

Sometimes during ED, there is no erection at all, so men really have a tough time satisfying their partner.

How Does A Man Become An ED Patient?

Be it a man in his 20s, 30s, or 40s situations for ED remains the same. For an erection, the main thing needed is blood circulation in the penis. If while getting stimulated, the penis does not get enough blood, less erection is observed, and vice-versa.

So, why does this occur? Well, there is never a single reason for ED. But yes, a lot of addictive habits like smoking, and alcohol consumption are one of the main reasons.

Besides this, high blood pressure, stress, lack of sleep, lack of libido, and heart problems could lead to ED. So, there is no specific reason, but only one reason is enough to turn a healthy man into an Ed patient.

Can A Man In His 20s Become An ED Patient?

Well, going by the biology which we have studied in school, puberty hits around 12 to 13 years. So, scientifically men at that age have sperm developed in their bodies, which means they get erections and are sexually aroused.

So, the possibility of erection disorders like ED also arises. But as said a few decades ago due to low exposure to sexual content, these disorders were not much prevalent. But as men got exposed to pornography in their puberty stage, masturbation began from a young age.

This increases the chances of ED even in the 20s. Today, even young college students who will enter into relationships or newly married men are buyers of Tadarise 60.

Risk Of Suffering From ED In 20s

Well, if you suffer from ED in your late 40s or even 50s it is the phase of your life where not much is left to enjoy sexually. Generalizing a little bit, testosterone stops getting made at around 50 or 55.

With this the excitement or desire to do sex also reduces. Not saying, that it fully goes away but there is a sharp decline in the interest towards sexual activities for sure. But in your 20s, if you suffer from ED Pills, situations could be really different.


This is the prime age when, everyone around is either in relationships already or about to enter into one. Hence, being a 20-year man falling in love and getting intimate is quite common. At that time if you are unable to satisfy your girlfriend, it could be a real embarrassing experience.

And you would surely have the desire to go intimate at that age, because of raging hormones. So, you may doubt yourself whether I would be able to get a good erection next time? This self-doubt creates something known as performance pressure leading to anxiety and eventually Erectile Dysfunction.

Mental Disorders

From what seemed a simple issue, it can go on to become the reasons of you becoming a mental patient. Yes, you heard it right!! When a man becomes an ED patient, his ego and the burden of masculinity is hurt.

This reduces his self-confidence which may be visible in his overall personality. Isolation and suppressed anger are common signs in such men. Often when these symptoms are ignored by both the man himself and the people around him, he slowly falls into depression.

And this is a fact that you would find most depression patients also being an ED patients and vice-versa. This is because to get a good erection first you need a good mood.

And depression patients surely don’t have one.

Can Affect Professional Life

Yes, there is a huge probability that your problem with ED if not cured within time can have a negative impact on your professional life.

Your mind may not be able to concentrate thus, reducing productivity. Once we become adults, sex is not just an activity to get babies, it becomes a need for the body. And any obstruction in attaining that result will affect the overall body and mind.

You may be coding but your mind may not be fully involved in it. Whereas a man with a satisfied sex life is usually much at peace.

Hints Of Other Serious Problems

Erectile Dysfunction during old age is somewhat common and even doctors don’t take much of it as an issue. But if a young man in his 20s complains of ED, this is not just an alarm for the doctor but for society as well.

It can mean that the person has blood pressure issues, kidney, or is addicted to tobacco, weed, alcohol or anything. This could mean anything dangerous.

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