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Metrogyl Gel

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ManufacturersJ. B. Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Packaging30 gm in 1 tube
Delivery-Time6 To 15 days
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Metrogyl gel is a type of exterior skin application gel that helps you to get rid of acne issues and other bacterial and parasitic infections. Primarily it can help in curing acne which can also be due to any harmful bacterial presence in your skin.

The Metrogyl gel is only for topical use and is manufactured in India by J B Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

The generic component which is present in the cream is metronidazole which is a form of antibacterial substance. Generally for using this cream, you need to get it written from the doctors on their prescription. Being a prescription medicine you also need to be wary of using it only as per the doctors specify about the usage of the daily dose and the number of times to apply this cream.


Generally, you only need to use a small amount of the cream. Once you take out the cream apply it on the most affected regions first. And once this is done you need to apply gentle facial massage all over such areas.

Generally, the Metrogyl gel For Sale needs some time for the actions to crop in visually to be seen. You may need to use the cream regularly for the first week or so to see some initial changes occurring.

Also, one thing which is important to note here is that doctors may recommend daily application of the cream once or up to three times.

Depending on how the doctors have given the schedule of usage keep using Metrogyl gel Online. Also in between application times, you need to settle the cream before washing your face.

Let at least 8 to 10 hours pass by before applying the cream for the second or more times during the day.

Side Effects

Generally, the side effects of the medicine may not have any highly severe issues. But side effects are important to note down and inform the doctor to know what is causing them. Some of the side effects of the Metrogyl gel From Australia include-

If any of such issues occur you need to let it known to the doctors.


Are you using any other form of topical cream for curing other skin infection issues? if yes, then you need to inform me about such problems earlier. On the other hand, the occurrence of any side effects be it however mild is always a cause of further complications on your skin. Before the need arises inform the doctors to get out of any side effects.

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    Mohmmad R. Compton

    Smooth, clear, and refreshing skin has always been my dream. Since childhood, I have had acne all over my face, and I have always hated myself whenever I looked in the mirror. It seemed like I had tried everything, whether it was home remedies or drug remedies, but nothing worked and I was close to giving up. I was forced by my doctor's optimism to try Metrogyl Gel as a last resort, and damn, it worked! The solution worked! I have almost recovered from my condition.

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