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Melalong AD Cream

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Are you experiencing dark spots or dark patches? Do you have age spots or sunspots? If yes, do not overlook the patches or spots in your skin. No matter how attractive an outfit you wear, dark patches on the skin will make it dull. If you suffer from hyperpigmentation, receive immediate treatment.

Go to see a skin specialist to get hyperpigmentation treated. Your doctor will check your skin and will prescribe you Melalong AD Cream which is a potent medicine. This medication treats dark patches or dark spots that arise due to UV radiation or growing age. Using this cream will help lighten the age spots and sun spots.

People who suffer from Acne or pimples can also use this cream. Using this cream will help people get relief from pimples, acne, or dark spots. This effective medicine has two vital components such as Mequinol and Tretinoin. Reduce dark spots and lighten the spots with the use of this effective medication.


Various dosages of Melalong AD Cream can be obtained from online drugstores. Your medical practitioner will assess the condition of your skin to know which dose will suit your skin.

After the medical report, a specific dose of the medicated cream will be prescribed to you. Make sure to use the cream as it is instructed to you.

Wash the affected portion of the skin with water and pat dry it. Apply a thin film of the medicated cream on the affected portion of the skin. Let the cream remain on the skin for a while. Do not stop applying the cream without a doctor’s permission.

It may take a while to show positive effects. Keep using the cream as long as your Healthcare Provider instructs you.

Do not use excess amounts of the medicated cream which may cause side effects or health complications. In case you apply more amounts of cream, notify your medical professional instantly.

Make sure to apply the cream twice a day to recover from hyperpigmentation. Skipping a dose of the medicated cream can be harmful to your Skin Care. Hence, do not miss out on a dose. In case it happens, apply the medicated cream when you recall.

Side Effects

Patients are likely to come across certain side effects after using Melalong AD Cream. Some potential side effects which patients may experience are dry skin, temporary burning, or temporary stinging. Other side effects include a tingling sensation on the skin. If a side effect keeps troubling you, give a call to your healthcare provider instantly.


This is a habit-forming medication that should be used as per a doctor’s instructions.

Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers are not allowed to use this medicated cream Melalong AD Cream.

Do not booze alcohol while taking this medicine. Drug interactions may likely happen with Melalong AD Cream.

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