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Betadine 10 Ointment

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Active-IngredientPovidone Iodine
ManufacturersWin-Medicare Pvt Ltd (MERZ)
PackagingAvailable in 15g & 25g Tubes
Delivery-Time6 To 15 days
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Betadine 10 Ointment is both an antiseptic and a disinfectant. This ointment is used to treat and prevent infections in wounds and cuts. It is useful for any patient who has a cut or an abrasion injury. It is a topical gel medicine providing faster healing of Skin injuries.

The slow release of iodine after applying the ointment causes an antiseptic effect. Keep the affected area clean and apply the ointment exactly as directed by your doctor. This ointment is also used to sterilize the skin before a surgical procedure.  This ointment may cause side effects such as burning, redness, or irritation at the application site.


Order Betadine 10 ointment is typically used only when necessary. If you are on a regular dosing schedule for this medication, take the missed dose as soon as you remember. If you forgot to apply betadine then apply it as soon as possible. An overdose of Betadine 10 ointment is unlikely to result in severe symptoms. In the event of accidental ingestion, however, seek emergency medical attention.

Side Effects

This medication may cause skin irritation, redness, or Itching at the site of application. Please contact your doctor if any of these side effects persist for an extended period. Avoid direct contact with your eyes after applying. In the event of direct contact, immediately flush your eyes with water and seek medical attention.

On noticing any symptoms of allergy, you don’t even have to take a consultation with the doctor before you stop applying for this medicine. Some of the common side effects include skin darkening, peeling skin, rashes, burning sensation, and itching.


Betadine 10% Ointment is only for external use. You should always follow your doctor’s instructions. Before applying Betadine 10 Ointment Online the affected area should be clean and dry. You must thoroughly wash your hands before and after using this ointment. To get the most out of this medicine, it should be taken regularly.

If apply too much ointment than you need then your condition will not take any positive turn. Instead, you may see various downsides and side effects. This ointment is an antiseptic that aids in the treatment and prevention of infections. After thoroughly cleaning the affected area or wound, apply a small amount.

Avoid contacting your eyes and nose. In case of an accident, thoroughly rinse with water. Do not use it on burnt, or inflamed skin as it can cause side effects and make the situation worse.

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