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Is It Possible For ED To Return After Treatment?

By Australiarxmeds, Feb-10-2023  

Is It Possible For ED To Return After Treatment?

The inability to get or keep an erection is called ED or impotence. Although It is not life-threatening, ED can indicate an underlying health condition that needs to be treated.  Men with Erectile Dysfunction (ED) are more likely to have it in midlife. Reversing your ED is no longer a myth and yes it can be reversed and cured completely. Read on to find out if it is possible for Erectile Dysfunction to Return After treatment.

Medical Reasons For Erectile Dysfunction To Come Back After Treatment

ED can return after treatment. Some medical causes of ED are difficult to reverse, such as:

Poor Blood Flow

In some people, ED Pills are caused by blocked pelvic arteries.  This may be due to some complications in the arteries which limit blood flow to the tissues of the penis chambers.

Damage To The Nerves

For those men who are suffering from prostate cancer even having the surgery may not ultimately help you in recovering from Erectile Dysfunction. Despite gradual improvement after surgery, ED medications are still needed by many men.

Parkinson’s Disease

Estimations based on research say that the majority of people with this disorder can also suffer from premature ejaculation issues at some point in their lives.

Peyronie’s Disease

It can make intercourse painful or impossible because of extreme penis curvature.

Men with ED caused by medical conditions can often benefit from medications like Sildenafil Citrate, but they cannot be cured or reversed.

What Causes ED That Can Be Cured?

The first thing and believe it or not this is more important than an actual cure is to believe that ED is curable. The causes of ED can be stopped, like medications that cause it, cigarettes, drugs, or alcohol. You can also get ED if you are overweight, stressed, or in a bad relationship.

If you can lose weight, reduce stress, or work through relationship issues, then your Erectile Dysfunction is likely to go away. You can use Cenforce to achieve a hard erection as soon as possible if you are experiencing ED.

Are There Any Causes Of ED That Can Not Be Cured?

Some causes of ED can not be reversed or treated, but ED Medication can safely and effectively treat them.

Finally, some causes of ED can not be cured or treated with ED drugs. There may be other treatment options available in these instances, such as surgery, implants, or injections.

What Can You Do To Cure Erectile Dysfunction?

Here are some steps you can take to cure Erectile Dysfunction

Factors Related To Lifestyle

You may be able to improve your erectile function by improving your lifestyle. Over five years, nearly one-third of Australian men aged 35 to 80 reported ED. The ED reversal was spontaneous in 29 Percent of the men, suggesting lifestyle factors might have been responsible. You should take Kamagra 100 Mg Online At Australia for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction.

Maintain A Healthy Heart

An unhealthy cardiovascular system means that your heart is incapable of moving blood in enough supply of what is in need to come up with an erection. Study participants were followed for 25 years in a study published in 2004. According to the researchers, risk factors for heart disease predicted which men would be most likely to develop ED in the future. Four major cardiovascular risk factors strongly correlate with ED, according to numerous studies:

  • Smoking: You can prevent ED by not smoking or quitting.
  • Alcohol: Reduce your alcohol intake. People who drink a lot get ED more often.
  • Weight: A study found that losing weight helped about a third of overweight men with ED improve their erectile function.
  • Exercise: It has been shown that physical activity can improve erectile function, especially when combined with a healthy diet.

The following are some of the risk factors which if you get a cure may help reverse your ED issues.

Boost Your Testosterone

You can improve your erectile health by counteracting low testosterone levels. Natural ways to boost testosterone:

  • Get in shape
  • Stress less
  • Getting fit

Plus, these tips can help your heart, which may further reduce ED symptoms. Boost your testosterone naturally with these evidence-based tips.

Go To Sleep

You can not perform well sexually if you do not get enough sleep. A CPAP breathing machine at night improved erectile function in men with interrupted breathing at night, or sleep apnea. You can cure ED by changing your lifestyle. But it takes a long time, so Kamagra oral jelly can help you quickly get back to normal.

Bike Seat Replacement

There is some evidence linking bicycling to Erectile Dysfunction, despite the need for more research to confirm this. Cycling every day for a very long time can cause3 the blood vessels in the penis region to get stiff and reduce the blood supply to the penis chambers.  You should consider buying a special seat that reduces pressure on your perineum if you cycle regularly or are a professional. The effects of cycling on erectile function can be found here.

Increase The Frequency Of Sexual Activity

Sex can improve your performance overall if you have it frequently or regularly. Men with intercourse less than once a week were twice as likely as those with intercourse at least once a week to develop ED.

Factors Related To Psychology

ED can be caused by psychological factors like performance anxiety. If you address the psychological roots of ED, you might be able to reverse it. Anxiety, depression, and relationship problems top the list.

Having A Healthy Relationship

If you take ED medications or not, getting an erection that’s good for sex depends on arousal and desire. Strife and dissatisfaction in a relationship can negatively impact libido, arousal, and erectile function. It is possible to get relationship counseling.

Final Words

Erectile Dysfunction can come back after treatment. You have to find the root cause by consulting your doctor if you want a permanent cure. Keeping a healthy lifestyle is also important. It is sometimes hard for men to get or maintain a long-lasting erection that’s firm and satisfying. The problem of ED comes and goes, but It is usually fixable by improving your health.

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