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One of the rising sexual health concerns is ED Pills. Impotence or Erectile Dysfunction is a sexual health issue that a large number of men are suffering from these days. Erectile Dysfunction occurs in most men who are above 60 years of age. It is natural for older male adults to suffer from erection issues.

Unfortunately, younger men who are above 40 years of age experience erection issues. Erectile Dysfunction is a sexual disorder where men cannot achieve an erection. When men do not get or sustain an erection,  it becomes a problem for a man to have sex. When men do not get an erection, they cannot have a satisfied sex life.

Most couples have a problem in their sex life because of erectile dysfunction in men. Psychological and physiological factors contribute to impotence. If you experience impotence issues for a long time, you must speak to your healthcare provider. Treating impotence at an early stage can provide you quick relief from erection issues. Following certain lifestyle habits can make a positive difference in a man’s sexual health.

Healthcare physicians prescribe men with impotence to have Super Vilitra which is a potent erectile dysfunction drug. Having tablets can help you sustain and achieve an erection in no time. Super Vilitra has proved to be an effective erectile dysfunction pill that treats erection issues in younger and older men. Taking a prescribed dose of Super Vilitra will help treat erectile dysfunction in a few weeks.

What Is Super Vilitra Australia?

Super Vilitra consists of 60 mg of Dapoxetine and 20 mg of Vardenafil. Having these two effective compounds can help a man attain an erection for a long time that is needed for sex. With these two effective compounds in Super Vilitra, men will also be able to sustain an erection for a long time. Super Vilitra can improve your control over ejaculation.

The best thing about Super Vilitra is that it can be used in male patients who suffer from ejaculation issues. Apart from treating erection issues, Super Vilitra can be effective in erectile dysfunction patients. The two-in-one drug can help treat both erection issues and ejaculation issues in men at the same time.


The manufacturer of Super Vilitra is Centurion Laboratories Ltd which is a reputed pharmaceutical company. You can expect to get top-quality and approved erectile dysfunction medicines from Centurion Laboratories. Moreover, you can also expect to get good quality and various types of drugs from the esteemed pharmaceutical company.


There are two prime compounds added in Super Vilitra. The two effective compositions are Vardenafil 60 mg and Dapoxetine 20 mg. The two compositions added in Super Vilitra help men attain erection instantly. These two compositions act faster in men’s bodies, giving an instant hard-on.


Super Vilitra Vardenafil has two imperative ingredients such as 60 mg of Dapoxetine and 20 mg of Vardenafil. Men can improve their sexual health with this medicine. These two active compounds prevent ejaculation issues as well as erection issues.

Dapoxetine is a serotonin inhibitor that fixes delayed ejaculation in men. The active ingredient helps lengthen sexual pleasures in men.  The imperative compound increases the level of serotonin which sends signals to your brain to delay the reflex of ejaculation.

Vardenafil has a PDE5 inhibitor which helps maintain as well as improve your erection. The PDE5 inhibitor averts the breakdown of cGMP which is caused by the PDE5 inhibitor. When there is an increased level of cGMP, the tissues of the penis get relaxed, and proper blood supply occurs all over the penile region. With increased blood supply in the penis, men can expect to get a strong erection.

How To Take Super Vilitra Tablet?

Before your anticipated sexual activity, you should take Super Vilitra Tablet about half an hour before the sexual intimacy. You can ingest tablets after eating food. You should gulp a tablet of medicine with a glass full of water. For optimum results, it is advised to men with erection issues to have a tablet of tablet on an empty stomach. If you have Super Vilitra with food, you can expect good results.


There are various dosages of Super Vilitra Dapoxetine available in online and offline pharmacies. Not all men with erection issues will be prescribed the same dose. Depending on your sexual health issue, the dose of Super Viltra may change. You should keep in mind that this drug is not intended for prolonged use. Your healthcare physician may adjust the dose of medicine after the diagnosis.


In a hustle-bustle life, you may overdose Super Vilitra For Sale. If you have a tablet firearm more than once, you should consult with your doctor. Overdosing tablets can show serious side effects on your health.

Miss Dose

If you skip or miss the dose of Super Vilitra, you should take the skipped dose or missed dose within 24 hours. You should not take the pill after 24 hours which can lead to serious side effects. It would be best to speak to your doctor about your missed dose.

Different Dose:


If you are taking an antifungal drug, medicines for mental illness, antibiotics, HIV drugs, eye issues, or heart disease, you should inform your Healthcare Expert. If you take medicines for kidney disease, hearing issues, blood vessel disorders, irregular heartbeat, epilepsy, or stroke, you should report to your doctor.

You should not consume alcohol during the period of taking Super Vilitra. Consuming alcohol with this tablet can cause side effects to your health. Moreover, you should not make sure not to drive once you have tablets.


While you are having Super Vilitra, you should not use machinery products or machines. Avoid driving till the period you are having this tablet. Try not to perform tasks that need alertness while taking the pill. It is noticed that after having medicine, men experience dizziness, difficult concentration, drowsiness, or fainting.

Fact Box

Chemical ClassCarboline Derivative
Habit FormingNo
Therapeutic ClassSex Stimulants Rejuvenators


If you are going through erectile dysfunction for many weeks, the best medicine you can have is Super Vilitra. You can improve your sexual health with the use of pill. The two important compounds such as Verdanfil and Dapoxetine make erection possible for men.

The most important ingredient, Vardenafil, can improve erection in men. The PDE5 of medicine can relax the smooth muscles of the penis. When there will be an increased flow of blood to the genital area, there will be a firm erection in men. Apart from treating erectile dysfunction, Medicine can also treat the ejaculation problem in men.

Avoid Taking Super Vilitra Vardenafil + Dapoxetine

If you go through side effects after having Super Vilitra, you must contact your healthcare practitioner immediately. You should not take tablet if you experience any of the side effects for a prolonged time.

Side Effects

Common side effects include fainting, seizures, upset stomach, dry mouth, sweating, flushing, and heartburn. Serious side effects include mood swings, decreased libido, vision changes, painful erection, chest pain, severe dizziness, numbness in the leg or arm, or severe allergic reactions.


Store Super Vilitra in a dark and cool place. Make sure to keep this medicine away from sunlight exposure.


Get more confidence about Super Vilitra Review after reading the positive reviews mentioned on the Australiarxmeds website. Tablet has proved to be effective for men with erection issues. With the regular use of Super Vilitra, you can treat erectile dysfunction effectively.


Having a proper dose of Super Vilitra once a day for a specified duration can Treat Erectile Dysfunction in a few days.


Is Super Vilitra Australia An Effective Erectile Dysfunction Drug?
It has proved that tablet can fix erectile dysfunction problems in men. This tablet is an effective drug that has two vital ingredients to Treat ED.
Can You Take Grapefruits With Vardenafil+Dapoxetine?
It is advised not to have grapefruits with Vardenafil+Dapoxetine which can increase side effects.
Can Kidney Male Patients Take Super Vilitra?
Healthcare providers advise male patients with kidney disease should not have medicine. Taking this erectile dysfunction drug can show adverse effects on men’s health.
Can You Consume Alcohol With Tablet?
Having alcohol while consuming tablet can worsen the side effects. Men can experience fainting or severe dizziness after consuming alcohol with tablet.
Can Women Take Super Vilitra Australia?
Super Vilitra is designed only for men who have chronic erectile dysfunction. Women are not advised to consume Super Vilitra Australia.
What Is The Age Limit For Taking Super Vilitra?
Men who are between 18 and 65 years of age can take Super Vilitra.
When Should Men Take Super Vilitra?
Men who suffer from erection problems should take the medicine half an hour before sexual intimacy.
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