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The purpose of using Super Vidalista is to make erection easy for men, who do not get it easily. This situation is referred to as Erectile Dysfunction or ED in medical terms.

Super Vidalista is the solution for ED; its proper consumption could lead to a hard penis providing the utmost enjoyment. Not only does Super Vidalista erects the penis, but it also works to make the erection last longer.

This double benefit is the reason for its worldwide popularity. Avoid buying Super Vidalista from any unauthorized sellers.

Always go for verified sellers like Australiarxmeds, which will ensure safety and trust. Reading the reviews of Super Vidalista, you will know that it is almost a miracle for men with ED.

What Is Super Vidalista And How Does It Work?

Super Vidalista is an anti-ED medicine, in the form of tablets. Like regular tablets, Super Vidalista possesses the nature of being water-soluble. Thus, you should always take them with only water.

The major ingredient in Super Vidalista is Tadalafil along with other ingredients like catalysts and preservatives in minute proportions.

Using different liquids could lead to serious harm to health. This is even mentioned in the manual that comes with the medicine.

The way Super Vidalista functions finds similarities with other ED pills as well. The main task is erecting the penis, which happens by increasing the blood supply into the penis.

The movement of blood expands the blood vessels of the penis causing an erection. The main ingredient, Tadalafil further smoothens tissues and muscles of the erectile region. Thus, even more, blood moves into the penis region, and the erection is super hard.

But the task is not over yet, erection must last for a few hours. To get this done, PDE5, or phosphodiesterase type 5 is rapidly destroyed. PDE5 job is to reduce erection by letting the blood out of the penis.

Hence, when it is restricted by Tadalafil, blood stays in the penis and the erection lasts.

Australia Brands Similar To Super Vidalista

Super Vidalista, Cialis and Viagra are some of the Australia brands similar to Super Vidalista 20 and 60. Though, the ingredients may differ but all of them work for the same purpose.


Centurion Laboratories has invested money and resources in developing Super Vidalista tablets. It is an Indian manufacturer, but their products are available in several overseas markets, especially in South Asia.

Countries like Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Philippines, are some of major exporters of Centurion Laboratories. It is situated in Vadodara, Gujarat, India with a pan India reach.

It began with as a wholesaler of medicines selling medicines directly to customers or for big stores. With the dedication of the proprietors, today it is a pioneer in the pharmaceutical field.

You could get medicines of all kind from Centurion Laboratories, such as for Tuberculosis, Diabetes, Erectile Dysfunction, Liver and Kidney disorders etc.

What is Super Vidalista Dosage?

Dosage for Super Vidalista is clearly stated in the prescription, one could look there. Dosage is a variable amount, which depends on the way it suits the person.

The ultimate decision regarding dosage rests with the doctor. A man may need 20 Mg Super Vidalista; another one might need 60 Mg. Their immune system, genetics, work, mental health everything is different.

So, stick to the dosage in the prescription. If you are unsatisfied with the dosage, discuss with the doctor about it. Only after the approval of the doctor you should take a different dosage.

How Many Alternates Are Available?

There are several alternates of Super Vidalista available depending on the strength. It starts from 2.5 Mg and goes up to 80 Mg.

Vidalista 2.5 Mg, Vidalista 5 Mg, Vidalista 10 Mg, Vidalista 20 Mg, Vidalista 40 Mg, Vidalista 60 Mg and Vidalista 80 Mg. After making considerable changes, the doctor prescribes any of the above dosage.

How Long Can You Take Super Vidalista (Tadalafil)?

Well, the answer to this question is not straightforward. But for usual patients, the course of medicine usually goes from a week to sometimes a month.

This is again a depending situation, where the health of the patient, improvement in erection and all such factors are considered by the doctor.

Side Effects of Super Vidalista From Australia

Head Pain

You may encounter minor Headache after taking pills of Super Vidalista. The headache is not severe but a mild one.

Take a small nap and avoid any strenuous work if you are not feeling well.

Sleepiness And Dizziness

Some patients complain of dizziness. In such condition avoid driving, or working in any risky circumstances.

Otherwise, it could lead to dangerous consequences, even risking your life. For the same reason many employers do not hire people under medication of any ED Pills.


  • The medication is prescription specific. So, make it clear that you do not overlook any of the instructions of the prescription.
  • This may seem a regular advice but this is the most important thing which people miss.
  • In the first meeting with the doctor, tell the doctor about your health features like sleep cycle, breathing pattern, food choice, any inherited disorders, allergy, infections and every information regarding health.
  • You must tell the doctor of any medicine which you are taking besides Super Vidalista. Let the doctor decided whether both of them could be continued together or not.
  • Not informing the doctor can make two chemicals react in your body, which is definitely not great. In case if the reaction gets dangerous, you will have to face the side effects.
  • To get full results from Super Vidalista, you should try taking tablets at a fixed time. Fix a time daily when you will take the medicine. This will boost the efficiency of the medicine.
  • Patients of heart, kidney and liver should stay away from Super Vidalista. These disorders are critical, any type of medication could incite side effects, which could be extremely harmful in such situations.
  • Patients who are allergic to Tadalafil are also disqualified from taking Super Vidalista. This is because Tadalafil is the major component in Super Vidalista.
  • However, do not worry doctor will cure ED by giving you a different ED medicine with different main ingredient such as Sildenafil Citrate, Vardenafil etc.
  • If you decided to take Tadalafil despite being allergic to it, could raise fatal side effects, even put your life at risk.
  • Patients with mental issues or sleeping disorders are not qualified to take Super Vidalista. These people are vulnerable to further side effects if they consume Super Vidalista.


  • To store Super Vidalista or any tablet, one has to take care of basically, three things. They are temperature, humidity and how they are handled.
  • Regarding temperature it should be somewhat in the range of 25 to 45 degrees.
  • The humidity should not be very high as excess humidity will damp the tablets.
  • You should also take care that tablets do not get exposed to direct sunlight. Sunlight damages the composition.
  • Handle the medicines with care so that it does not gets broken or physically damaged.


How Long Does Super Vidalista Take To Work?

Around 30 minutes to 1 hour before sexual intercourse, you should take Super Vidalista.

But note, that unless you get excited/stimulated the drug will not begin its action. This means if you have consumed the medicine but not showing any urgency for sex, nothing will happen.

But if everything goes okay, the medicine takes less than 20 minutes to show its action.

How Much Super Vidalista Should I Take?

Most patients are prescribed only 1 pill a day. But patients who are prescribed very lite strengths like 2.5 Mg, 5 Mg or 10 Mg are prescribed 2 to 3 Pills a day.

Again, this is dependent on the assessment of the patient by the doctor.

What Happens If You Take Tadalafil More Than Once A Day?

Well, if doctor has prescribed you to take more than one Tadalafil a day, it’s okay. But if not, then situations can be different and dangerous.

For the latter case, go to the respective doctor, admit your mistake and take medications for overdose.

For How Long Should I Keep Using Super Vidalista Tablets?
Well, the medication for Super Vidalista Tablets usually goes for one week to one month.
Does Tadalafil Make You Last Longer?

Yes, for sure. Unless why would one pay for it.

For full benefits and super longevity, follow the prescription exactly as given in the prescription.

Can I Take Tadalafil Daily?
Well, the answer to this question is not straightforward. However, for usual patients, the course of medicine usually goes from a week to sometimes a month.
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