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Sertima 50mg

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Sertima 50mg is a medication that may help particularly those mental patients who are dealing with the issues of depression, anxiety, panic, and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

The medication has the generic element of Sertraline which acts as a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor and potentially allows you to heal such mental conditions. Remember that doctors will only recommend you with a temporary use of the medicines only lasting for a few days.

But within these few days or weeks of course you have to keep administering daily medicines but no more than a single pill per day.

Usually, the medicine may have some associated side effects occurring during the start of your course. But if they keep occurring even after a few days it is a sign of concern to report to the doctors.

You will have to be on a regular use of the pills during your course as the medicines will only work gradually providing its effects over a few days as it comes to its full potential in visualizing the changes.

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Your daily dosage of the Sertima 50mg Pills is to last only for a few days or a maximum of three weeks. Generally, doctors do not recommend beyond consistent use for more than 21 days as the patient is increasingly prone to drug adoption and addictive chances.

Remember that each pill taken consistently at the same time can have much more suitability inside the patient.  Administering a single dose of the Sertima 50mg Tablet corresponds to a 50mg dose of the Sertraline equivalent which is capable of curing up to a mild or even moderate or slightly severe case of anxiety, panic, depression, and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Side Effects

Usually, you have to be cautious of any side effects. generally, the ones that may occur include providing you with Headaches, feeling nausea, hallucinations, numbness in the palms, diarrhea, difficulties with night sleep, less appetite, and so on.

Generally, these changes may take a few days to observe with many of them occurring simultaneously. If these persist for more than 5 to 6 days it is critical to get the suggestions of the doctor.


Usually, as the Buy Sertima 50mg is a type of anxiety and depression curing medicine it is never safe to take in when you are under the effects of any addictive substance such as any narcotic drugs or alcohol.

With the chances of side effects like headache and dizziness, it is not safe to drive either.

If you are using some other medicines such as those curing a heart disorder or a post-surgical condition or medicines to relieve you of Pain and epilepsy may all have chances to form medicinal contraindications.

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