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Novamox 125 Mg Rediuse Suspension 60ml

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Novamox 125 Mg Rediuse Suspension 60ml is a type of oral suspension medicine that comes in a readymade format for children. This form of suspension gel can help cure a variety of bacterial infections and may also be used for curing peptic ulcers and the formation of sores on the skin in children.

The Novamox 125 mg Rediuse Suspension 60 ml can be useful for curing various sorts of Bacterial Infections that occur on the eyes, ears, nose, throat, teeth, tonsils, sinus, skin, gastric tract, and urinary tract.

As a parent when your child is suffering from any bacterial infection issues or the symptoms of peptic ulcer which involve stomach cramps you can let your children visit the doctors and they may recommend using such a medicinal substance.

Novamox 125 Mg Rediuse Suspension 60ml has been effectively made for children in an oral suspension form and it works by stopping the growth and killing the bacteria and eventually getting rid of the infection as well. The generic substance that is present in the suspension gel is known as Amoxycillin which is the primary anti-bacterial ingredient present in the suspension gel.

Before the doctors recommend using the Novamox 125 Mg Rediuse Suspension 60ml Online you will need to inform whether your child has any specific skin disorder, intestinal infection, allergies, or kidney malfunction that helps the doctors to suitably identify a dose.


The amount of Amoxycillin that is present in the entire suspension Buy Novamox 125 Mg Rediuse Suspension 60ml. Now, usually, this is the smaller variant of the strength of the generic substance Amoxycillin for children’s use. There is of course another higher version of the dose which is the 250mg dose.

So as you can understand the 125mg strength of the Novamox Rediuse Suspension is the milder dose effectively curing mild issues of bacterial infections.

The amount for each use will be determined by the doctors. the way of administering the dose is to spoonfeed it to your children.

Side Effects

Usually, it is an overdose that may cause some side effects in children although most of these would be mild ones such as Headache, Vomiting, stomach cramps, skin rashes, nausea, diarrhea, and so on.


For use in children, you must inform the doctors if your children have any specific liver or kidney disorder or any infection. Avoid providing more than 2-3 times a day and only take suggestions from the doctor regarding the appropriate dose.

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