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Nervigesic 150

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Packaging15 capsules in 1 strip
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Nervigesic 150 is the type of medication that is ideally recommended by doctors in a case when the patient is suffering from Pain. Remember that this is one of the most versatile medications that can heal neural pain that results from various issues such as neuralgia, herpes zoster infection, shingles, diabetic neuropathy, and seizure or epileptic attacks.

In most cases, it is a doctor who will guide you to using a specific dose of the medicine along with specifying the tenure for which you need to use the pills.

Remember that the application of the medicine and its effects will prevent the neurons in the brain from engaging in high neural; activity.

Before you use the Nervigesic 150 you must know that such a medicine is only able to cure and prevent chances of suffering from an acute and severe form of neural pain. it is incapable of curing any of these neural disorders.

Patients will have to be careful of their daily dosage and avoid intake more than once a day. it is also better to inform the doctors of any other disabilities or disorders that you may have before the beginning of your course on the Nervigesic 150.


Present within each pill of Nervigesic 150 Capsules is an amount of 150mg generic pregabalin which can help in coming out with the actions.

Your dosage is most likely going to be to take in a single medicine daily. Under any condition and even when the patient is suffering from an acute neuralgia condition doctors will not permit the use of the pills more than once during the same day.

The Nervigesic 150 usually represents one of the moderate doses of generic Pregabalin and its recommendation may not come as a start-off dose.

Side Effects

Some of the usual side effects occurring with the intake of Buy Nervigesic 150 are mostly mild ones which should go away within a few days. Such side effects include headache, dizziness, nausea, palpitations, nervousness, and tremors. Hot flushes and so on.

Very rarely may the drug cause some severer side effects such as vision blurring, chest pain, rapid breathing, fluctuations in Blood Pressure, and so on.


It is no doubt that patients have to be cautious of the side effects and avoid dealing with an excess dose of Nervigesic 150.

It is also better to administer the medicine only when you are at home and not outside driving a car.

Usually, the administration of the Nervigesic 150 mg For Sale may cause a slight headache or dizziness for a long time.

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