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Lupride 1 Mg Injection

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Active-IngredientLeuprolide Acetate
ManufacturersSun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd
Packaging1 mg in 0.5ml Ampoule
Strength1 Mg
Delivery-Time6 To 15 days
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Most men suffer from prostate Cancer at a certain point in age. If the health issue is at the initial stage, it can be treated with medicines. Many females also suffer from uterine fibroid or endometriosis.

The pain in the uterus becomes unbearable for females who experience uterine fibroid. Heavy bleeding or irregular periods lead to endometrial or uterine fibroid in women. Owing to heavy bleeding and pain in the uterus, females feel difficulty doing this work.

Men who have prostate issues should take Lupride 1 Mg Injection. The same medicine applies to women who have uterine fibroid or endometriosis. Moreover, females who have early puberty can also take this injection. Using this injection from a nurse can help treat prostate issues, endometriosis, and uterine fibroid.

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There are various dosages of Lupride 1 mg Injection For Sale available in various pharmacies. A Healthcare Professional will diagnose your health before prescribing you a particular dose of the injection. Depending on the severity of your health condition, a specific dose will be prescribed to you.

Men and women should take the dose of injection properly.  Take the dose of injection as your doctor instructs you. Overdose or missed doses can be harmful to your Health. Talk to your doctor in case you miss out on a dose or take more than one pill at a time.

Side Effects

It is possible to go through some side effects after injecting the injection. Some common side effects of Order Lupride 1 Mg Injection are increased sweating, decreased libido, muscle weakness, and fatigue. Other side effects include erectile dysfunction, testicular atrophy, hot flashes, and bone pain. If any of the side effects trouble you on end, notify your medical provider.


Treat uterine fibroid, endometriosis, and prostate cancer with Lupride 1 Mg Injection From Australiarxmeds. This injection is given in the muscle or under the skin of a patient. Patients should avoid driving after taking this effective drug. It may lead to visual disturbances or dizziness.

While taking this medicine, do not do activities that require mental focus. Using this medicine will help heavy bleeding stop. Men will recover from prostate Cancer after taking the drug for a specified time.

To prevent pregnancy, females should use non-hormonal methods. Do not use this drug for a long time which can lead to bone fractures. Bone loss may also happen after taking the drug for a long while. Patients with osteoporosis should take the medicine for a short while.

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