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Lulifin Cream 10G

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PackagingAvailable in 10g, 20g, 30g & 50g in a Tube
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Lulifin cream 10G is a sort of antifungal cream whose potency is revealed in curing various types of fungal infections such as those occurring on various parts of the body such as toes, genital areas, chest, neck, and shoulder regions, underneath the arms and so on.

Containing the generic substance Liliconazole in it the cream can help in curing such infections completely.

Lulifin cream may not be suitable for some patients as we shall see later on. Also recommended for users is a definitive amount of the cream which can provide avoiding any types of side effects which may most possibly occur due to the overdosage consequences.

Remember that Lulifin cream is only for external skin application and is recommended for topical purpose use. do not use it for fungal infections occurring inside your mouth or nose. This may cause severe side effects such as Skin Burning, or itching to occur in those regions.

Along with the recommended dose, it is also important to use the dose daily. Without a consistent amount of the Lulifin cream 10G at providing necessary actions, it is not possible to effectively cure fungal infections.


As for the generic substance Liliconazole it is present in the pills at a concentration of 1%. This much amount of anti-fungal substance can relieve even the severest form of fungal infections. The only thing crucial for your dosage is the right amount of the Lulifin cream 10G Online and maintaining the consistent use of the cream as the doctors specify it.

At times if your fungal infection is mild doctors may prescribe using the cream once a day or for further severer cases they may even recommend using the cream 2-3 times per day while ensuring equally left out time gaps in between those applications.

Side Effects

Generally, a person who is either having sensitive skin or does not suit well with the anti-fungal generic substance Luliconazole may experience some side effects within the first few applications.

Such side effects include irritation, itching, stinging sensations, pain, inflammation, and redness in the applied areas. It may also result in allergic tendencies such as the formation of hives on the face and lips.


Apply only that much Lulifin cream 10G For Sale which the doctors think is safe depending on the severity of the infection. Other than this each time before application you need to wash off the area and sanitize the skin to avoid any further infections.

Each time after application you must leave the area just as it is for at least 4 to 6 hours.

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