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Keppra 500 Mg

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ManufacturersDr Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd
Packaging10 tablets in 1 strip
Strength500 mg
Delivery-Time6 To 15 days
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The Keppra 500 Mg pills are recommended to patients if they are suffering from epilepsy or seizure attacks. With the use of the Keppra 500 Mg pills, you can avoid suffering from such critical times of neural pain and excessive shivering in your body.

The pill has the generic component of Levetiracetam in the amounts of 500mg in each medicine. Doctors may recommend using the pills, especially for those patients who have to suffer from seizures and epilepsy attacks too often.

Such a dose may be recommended to you along with a combination of other pills as well. And mostly the use of the Keppra 500 Mg pill will be recommended daily and for a short time only.

It is a type of seizure-preventing medicine that can reduce occurrences of epilepsy attacks and even help to reduce the symptoms when you are suffering from such an attack.


Each pill of the Keppra 500 Mg Tablets has an equivalent of 500mg of the generic substance.

With this dose, it is possible to overcome the sharp and intense pain during an epilepsy or seizure attack. Remember that the objective of using the Keppra 500 Mg is not to cure epilepsy or seizure disorders but it is to provide temporary remedy and relief from the intense pain during such an attack and lessen the frequency of such occurrences.

Once taken in the medicine will work by reducing the amount of abnormally high neural activity that is going on in your brain cells.

Side Effects

You will have to be severely critical of avoiding an overdose of the Keppra 500 Mg Online since it is possible to have side effects of the medicine under such circumstances. At times the side effects could also be possible as your body is adjusting to the working of the pills.

Some of the minor side effects include sleepiness, dizziness, fatigue, aggressive behavior, irritation, agitation, convulsion, Headache, nausea, tremors, numbness in the palms, and so on.


We do not recommend the use of alcohol or narcotic drug substances as this could end up causing severe side effects in the patient.

Also inform about all your existing medicines especially if you are using sleep disorder curing pills, Buy Keppra 500 Mg used for curing excessive stress and depression, and so on.

Driving or being involved with injury-prone tasks is severely restricted with the use of the pills.

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