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Menopause happens to all women after a certain age. When your menopause takes place, estrogen stops automatically. Women experience vaginal dryness or inflammation. If you are going through menopausal symptoms, your medical provider will prescribe you Evalon Cream.

It is a female hormone that makes use of estrogen. When you have little estrogen during menopause, the vaginal wall becomes dry and thin. Vaginal dryness makes sexual intimacy painful and uncomfortable. Women with menopause often experience vaginal infections.

Using Evalon Cream helps relieve inflammation, vaginal dryness, and itching which occur after menopause. Using cream may take a little time. If you think the medicine takes time, you should not stop using this cream. To get the maximum benefit, keep using the cream till your healthcare provider tells you.



Several dosages of Evalon Cream Online are available in online and offline drugstores. Your medical provider will assess your health to know the stage of your menopause. As per the condition of your menopause, your medical provider will tell you a particular dose of the cream. Apply the cream after washing your intimate part.

Read the label of instructions properly before using this cream. Using the cream in the proper duration and dose is essential. Before using the medicine, clean and dry the intimate area. Take moderate amounts of the cream and apply it in the intimate area.

In case you forget to apply the cream, you can apply it whenever you recall. Do not use more amounts of cream than needed. Applying more cream than required can increase side effects such as itching in the vagina. If a side effect bothers you, notify your medical provider as soon as possible.

Side Effects

There are some side effects that patients may come across after using Buy Evalon Cream. Some common side effects are Itching and vaginal irritation. If you are worried about side effects, consult your doctor immediately.


  • Before using this drug, you should let your doctor know if you have an unexpected bleeding disorder.
  • If you have a blood clot in your legs or lungs, it would be best not to consume Evalon Cream For Sale.
  • Once you start taking this drug, you should have regular health checkups.
  • If this cream shows interactions, tell your healthcare provider immediately.
  • Mothers who are breastfeeding or pregnant are not advised to use this cream.
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