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Combutol 400 Mg

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Combutol 400 Mg is a sort of anti-infection drug. The use of the medicine is done for curing tuberculosis. Since this is a type of bacterial infection you can say that the drug works as an antibacterial agent.

The generic salt content of the medicine is known as Ethambutol which is an anti-infective and anti-bacterial drug. Use the drug only when you have to and only on the occasion if the doctors recommend using it.

Remember that any sort of misuse of the pill may also give side effects so beware of consuming only the right dose. Taking Buy Combutol 400 Mg will only work eventually and you may have to keep taking the medicine for a few days before any positive signs appear.

Generally, doctors recommend taking the medicine daily as otherwise the bacteria may become drug-resistant to the pill and eventually the drug may have no more effect.


As the dose name suggests each pill of Combutol 400 Mg For Sale there contains an exact amount of 400mg of the generic salt substance Ethambutol. Doctors generally prescribe the medicine but with a combination of other drugs along with this one to cure tuberculosis comprehensively.

As we told you above your dose may continue up to several weeks or even months until the infection is cured completely. Till then you have to keep taking the medicines daily or as the doctors prescribe.

The actions of the medicine kill the bacteria and eventually help you recover. So for how long do you have to keep taking the dose? well, generally doctors recommend completing the whole course of Combutol 400.

Remember that your symptoms may disappear but this does not mean that you have been cured of the infection. Stopping the dose suddenly may cause the infection to return and this time the bacteria will also become drug-resistant.

Side Effects

generally, on misuse such as an overdose of the drug, it is possible to have side effects. On most occasions according to patient reviews the drug did not have any sort of side effects barring a few cases. But the most common side effects are visual loss and color blindness which are both severe side effects.


Do not overdose as the side effects may be too severe and may cause permanent damage to your vision especially. Do not stop midway through taking the dose. Instead, complete the whole course.

Patients with liver or kidney diseases may not be recommended Combutol 400 Mg Online. Also if you are pregnant and breastfeeding your child it is better to inform your doctor.

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