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Clindac A Gel

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ManufacturersGalderma India Pvt Ltd
Packaging15 gm in 1 tube
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The Clindac A Gel is a type of medicine that is an anti-pimple ointment. It is a medicine that can help you to cure the problems of pimples and acne where the cause is due to any bacterial invasion on your skin.

The use of the Clindac A Gel will help you to overcome the issues of pimples and Acne eventually within a few weeks or months of use.

Remember that there could be various reasons for suffering from acne one of them being that bacteria is present deep in your skin pores causing excess sebum secretion that results in the formation of acne.

This medicine Gel is only proposed for curing acne and pimple issues that arise due to this condition.

The Clindac A Gel is a prescription ointment and thus you will need to consult with the doctors about the safety of using a particular dose, the likely tenure for using the pills, and what the precautionary measures if any are to follow.


Each dose of the Clindac A Gel Online has a content of Clindamycin generic present to the amount of 1% in the entire sachet.

As for using the amount of dose most likely, the doctors will recommend using a small amount of the ointment and using it daily to cure the pimple issues.

When you want to use the Clindac A Gel you will need to use a similar amount of the dose and spread the cream gently on the affected regions.

Side Effects

You may end up with many side effects from the Clindac A Gel From Australiarxmeds. Some of the most regular ones are not that critical though. But you will need to consult with the doctors anyway if you need a change in the regular dose.

Mostly occurring side effects of the Gel include Skin Rashes, irritation, burning sensations, vomiting tendencies diarrhea, and stomach cramps.


You will have to maintain some precautions such as avoiding exceeding the amount of dose that can be used for a day.

Remove any form of makeup that has been applied to your face before applying the Buy Clindac A Gel. Always wash your face with clean water and let it completely dry before applying the cream.

It may not be safe to use the cream for those patients who have highly sensitive skin. If they would apply this cream then it may cause severe skin rash issues.

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