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Candid B Cream 20 Gm

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ManufacturersGlenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
PackagingAvailable in 10g, 20g & 30g Tube
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Many people complain about suffering from various types of skin infections. Fungal skin infection is common in many adults. If you suffer from ringworm, athlete’s foot, sweat rash, or vaginal thrush, it could be due to a fungal infection. If any of the fungal infection does not go away, talk to your healthcare provider.

Your medical professional will prescribe you Candid B Cream 20 Gm. It is a potent antifungal cream that treats various skin infections. The cream minimizes the signs of itching, swelling, and redness in the skin.

This powerful medicine acts against the microorganisms which lead to fungal infection. Clotrimazole exterminates and stops the growth of fungi which in turn clears the infection. The symptoms disappear when there is no inflection.

Beclometasone clogs the release of certain chemicals which cause inflammation. Use this antifungal cream as it is prescribed to you. As you start using the cream, you will get relief from fungal skin infections.


Various dosages of Candid B Cream 20 Gm For Sale are available in various pharmacies. Your medical provider tells you a particular dose only after assessing the condition of your fungal infection. Use the cream properly and cautiously so that you reap the best results.

It is necessary to apply the cream once or twice a day, depending on the condition of your fungal infection. Wash the infected portion of the skin with water and then make your skin dry. Now, apply the cream on the infected area carefully. Spread the cream on the skin so that the compound absorbs in the skin.

Keep in mind not to apply more amounts of cream which may lead to serious skin issues. If you experience any side effects, notify your medical provider. In case you forget to apply the cream, use it when you recollect. It is not advised to skip using the cream which may not relieve you from fungal skin infection.

Side Effects

Patients with fungal infections may come across certain side effects after applying Order Candid B Cream 20 Gm. Some common side effects are prickling or tingling sensations on the skin. Some patients complain about having Dry Skin and a burning sensation on the skin. If a side effect keeps troubling you, contact your medical provider.

  • Precaution
  • Before applying the antifungal cream, tell your doctor if you have any other skin infections.
  • In case the constituent does not suit you, report to your medical provider.
  • Keep in mind not to use the antifungal cream in your mouth, vagina, or eyes. If Candid B Cream 20 Gm gets into these areas, rinse with cold water.
  • Keep the area of the skin open. Do not cover it with a bandage.
  • Use this cream as long as it is suggested to you.
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    Peregrin Z. Skyelar

    As you enter your 30s, you will encounter a wide array of skin issues. With the help of this cream, my pigmentation issues have been significantly mitigated, and the number of fine lines on my face has decreased. My flawless skin can finally be shown off and a little wave can be given.

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