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At our firm Australiarxmeds, we always keep Quality Control And Quality Assurance as our topmost priorities. We always ensure that the Pills which we export always pass the standards of quality through immaculate checks and lab testing.

We always believe in exporting pills around the globe which are properly sourced through authentic sources and have proper checks done in place.

How Do We Ensure Proper Quality Control?

There are several steps by which we ensure quality control at each step. These include a series of measures during the sourcing of The Medicines, Storage, Sterility Testing, Validity Testing, and so on.

We have a standard operating procedure at each step of such processes which are followed to ensure We Bring and Sell the best medicines to our customers.

Further at each step whether our employees which include doctors, quality control experts, and test control experts are who are regularly audited to ensure whether they are following such processes or not. Even then we also conduct regular workshop programs to check the level of knowledge of each of our staff members and update any important information in line with the Quality and Control standards.

Steps To Ensure Quality And Control Standards

At our firm, we always ensure to aim for keeping quality and control standards paramount. As we have told you above that we do not have any single process. But quality and control standards are a vast entity that has several SOPs at each stage of conducting operations in our firm.

Sourcing Only FDA-Approved Medicines

First of all to keep in line with the quality standards we always source medicines that are FDA approved. We do not deal with and export any other medicines which have not got their FDA clearances.

Sourcing Medicines Directly From The Manufacturer

We source our medicines directly from the manufacturer which ensures primary quality assurance has been evaluated. We are a registered Wholesaler and Exporter of medicines having contracts with such manufacturers.

Evaluation Of Medicines Regarding Their Validity

We have a team of medical experts, doctors, and quality control experts who keep regularly conducting medicine checks concerning their validity. Any invalid medicine which is beyond its expiry dates is safely discarded through standard procedures of medical waste disposal. We have a huge stock of different medicines which need such quality assurance checks almost daily.

Package Testing And Ensuring Sterility

At our firm, we always ensure one of the quality control and standard checks for each medicine. And that is their package testing. Such testing procedures are done to ensure to find out whether the medicine Sachets, Bottles, and Pouches are 100% Leak-Proof and Airtight. This ensures that the medicines do not get come in any form of external contamination thus also proving they are sterile and fit for use by patients.

Medicine Testing

The stocked medicines at our end are randomly tested to ensure their proper efficacy and ensure composition. Such tests are only carried out by a leading group of medical Experts Under Controlled Medicine Testing Laboratories.