Janumet 50/1000 Mg Product Imgage

Janumet 50/1000 Mg

Active-IngredientSitagliptin (50mg) + Metformin (1000mg)
ManufacturersMSD Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd
Packaging15 tablets in 1 strip
Strength50/1000 Mg
Delivery-Time6 To 15 days
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Having high levels of glucose in the blood is nothing uncommon in the present times. Numerous men and women of all ages suffer from type 2 Diabetes in a large number. Many people do not know that type 2 diabetes is caused due to lack of insulin in the human body.

To normalize Blood Sugar Levels in your body, you need to take the help of an anti-diabetic drug. Insulin must work in your body properly. The best way to know if you are a type 2 diabetic patient is to have a doctor’s diagnosis.

If the diagnosis is correct, a medical provider will tell you to have Janumet 50/1000 Mg. Two compounds Sitagliptin and Metformin are present in this Anti-Diabetic Drug. Taking this medication will function insulin well and will also keep your blood sugar under control. If you have a health condition, inform your healthcare professional before consuming this anti-diabetic medication.


Type 2 diabetic patients can glance over a variety of dosages of Janumet. If you suspect you have type 2 diabetes, do not have this medicine by yourself. Let your medical professional suggest a dose for you.

Depending on the condition of your type 2 diabetes, a specific dose will be suggested to you. Have a tablet of Buy Janumet 50/1000 Mg with water, especially after eating your food. Breaking or splitting the tablet will not show its action. If you have not used a dose in a day, take it when your mind recollects. For better results, it is advised for diabetic patients to use the drug at a particular time.

In case a dose is taken twice a day you, tell your medical practitioner who will fix the side effects instantly. When the dose is consumed correctly, insulin levels will be normalized again and people will not suffer from High Blood Sugar.

Side Effects

Patients with Janumet 50/1000 Mg Online come across side effects such as itchiness in the skin, dizziness, Headache, upper respiratory tract infection, or drowsiness. Other side effects are dry mouth, sore throat, severe headache, stuffy nose, metallic taste in the mouth, or Joint Aches.


  • Pregnant females cannot take Janumet 50/1000 Mg Drug which may affect your baby in the womb.
  • It is possible to feel dizzy spells if you take this medicine while operating a tool or driving a vehicle.
  • Unwanted side effects may crop up if you take Janumat tablets with hard drinks.
  • If a liver issue bothers a liver disease patient, do not ingest this anti-diabetic medicine.
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