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Cenforce And Fildena: Effective Treatments For Erectile Dysfunction

By Australiarxmeds, Dec-25-2023  

Cenforce And Fildena: Effective Treatments For Erectile Dysfunction

Among the major concerns for male sexual issues these days, the inability to achieve a strong and hard erection is what most of the males are suffering from.

Having such issues, males lose the capability to penetrate the vagina and end up with sexually miserable lives.

But is ED curable through the use of medicines? That is what we are here to find out. In this blog post, we will exclusively keep our eyes on two specific brands for curing ED that is Cenforce and Fildena. We will find out just how much effective they are in terms of curing ED issues.

What Are Cenforce And Fildena Pills?

Cenforce and Fildena, are probably the two most common medicines for curing ED issues in men. Using these two medicines can help cater to a strong and hard erection for a long time. When the action of these medicines is sustained you will have a full recovery from the possible symptoms of ED and will not have any such issues regarding the inability to achieve strong and hard erections.

For those patients who have been diagnosed with the issues of ED, it is likely possible that the doctors may recommend the use of medicines such as Cenforce 100mg.

Both the brands, Cenforce and Fildena are medicines to help curate a strong and hard erection containing the same substance Sildenafil Citrate. This generic element works to cause certain changes to bring about penile hardness as well shall seen in the next section.

How Do These Medicines Work To Bring About Penis Erection?




When you take a medicine of Cenforce 200 mg, it curates an equivalent dose of the substance generic Sildenafil Citrate in your body. This generic element begins activating itself during the absorption process of the medicines and begins causing some hormonal changes.

Since Sildenafil is an inhibitor to the presence of the PDE-5 inhibitors it will shift the hormonal balance from the PDE-5 inhibitors that get deactivated to the cGMP in turn.

This likely change also brings an affluence in your blood for the generic Nitric Oxide content. This substance plays a pivotal role in enabling a higher blood flow through the penis tissues due to the dilation capabilities. Soon enough a man can achieve a strong and hard erection due to the improved sensitivity of the penis region brought on due to the rapid blood flow along the region.

How Much Is The Effectiveness Of Cenforce And Fildena Medicines?

Both Cenforce and Fildena pills are quite effective in terms of providing their action on the penis to enable it to make a strong and sustainable erection. Cenforce and Fildena both have the same generic element Sildenafil Citrate present in them making them active for equal amounts of time.

Now, the time for activation and lasting may depend on the amount of the dose present in the pills. Both Cenforce and Fildena pills are available in a wide array of doses from small ones like 25mg to large ones such as 200mg.

And there are also some other doses for both the brands such as 50mg, 100mg, 120mg, and 150mg. The amount of dose you will use will most likely depend on the severity of your ED Condition at present, your age, health, and if any other existing disorders are likely present.

Smaller doses such as 25mg or 50mg will likely remain active for about 4 hours whereas medium doses like 100mg or 120mg may give around 5 hours of action. But if you are using Fildena 150 or 200mg the extension of the drugs can likely occur for up to 6 hours post having them.

Can Fildena And Cenforce Cure ED Issues On Their Own Completely?

So, after all, can the use of the Cenforce or Fildena pills ensure that you get a speedy recovery from ED? Maybe not. See, all the current medicines that fall under the category of ED curing medicines are only capable of causing temporary relief actions. None of them can be sued for curing ED and getting permanent freedom.

All these ED drugs once you take them only have a limited time of action during which you can restore to your normal erectile capabilities. After the action of the medicines disappear it is bound that you will have the same issues of ED back again. Thus it is better to say that these ED medicines such as Fildena 100mg can only provide a temporary cure for impotence disorders.

So, any patient using such medicines must keep in mind that once the pill is taken you only have a few hours to satisfy yourself with your sexual fantasies, or else the ED symptoms will begin coming back.

Is There Any Possible Issue With Using Cenforce And Fildena Pills?

There are a few possible issues that the patient needs to keep in mind when using the Cenforce or Fildena pills. Here is what you need to note the most-

➯ Avoidance To Addictions

Any person who is using the Cenforce pills will need to give up completely to the dependence on the use of substances such as alcohol or narcotic drugs like cocaine. Taking in these substances along with the medicine could cause side effects such as headache, nausea, and dizziness.

➯ Avoid Driving

Don’t drive possibly after taking ED curing medicines, since initially for the first few days or even more you may experience immediate side effects of the medicine such as light dizziness, headache, and nausea which may cause disturbances in driving.

➯ Avoid When Experiencing Repeated Side Effects

Avoid the use of ED-curing medicines when dealing with a lot of side effects. Take appropriate consultation with the doctor on suitably reducing the amount of daily dose or look for an alternate ED treatment method.

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Final Say

So, we have discussed in detail the use of Cenforce and Fildena pills in the previous sections. Take consultations from the doctor to find out the most suitable brand and dose for yourself.

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