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Xovoltib 50 Mg

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Active-IngredientAfatinib Dimaleate
ManufacturersBoehringer Ingelheim India Pvt.Ltd
Packaging7 tablets in 1 strip
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One of the major types of lung cancer is non-small cell lung cancer. If you are a chain smoker, this disease will affect you. In recent years, it is noticed that even non-smokers suffer from this health issue. Get immediate treatment for this disease which can be life-threatening. If you suffer from chronic non-small lung cancer, you should visit a healthcare clinic.

Your doctor prescribes you Xovoltib 50 Mg. This medicine effectively cures non-small lung cancer. The effective compound in the medicine acts on a patient’s body faster. Some doctors give this medicine with other medications. Adults who have mutations in epidermal growth should take this medicine. Taking this drug on time will help improve the condition of this disease.


There are various dosages of Xovoltib 50 Mg that you can access in pharmacies. Depending on your lung condition, a healthcare physician will suggest a specific dose. Ingest this medicine as per the instructions of your medical provider.

Take Xovoltib 50 Online without having food or with meals. Make sure to have this drug at the same time once a day. Do not overdose on the medicine or take the drug in the wrong way. It can lead to serious side effects. This medicine may take a few days to work in your body. Do not miss out on the medicine of this brand. In case, it happens, talk to your Healthcare practitioner. Take the missed dose as you recall.

Other Dose:

Side Effects

You may likely experience some side effects as you ingest Xovoltib 50 Mg From Australia. After taking this drug, you may go through some side effects such as dry skin, diarrhea, rashes, and Nausea. While having this drug, your doctor may tell you to do blood tests. This drug may make your skin sensitive. Wear protective clothing and apply sunscreen while going out. If any of the side effects persist, notify your medical practitioner.


Inform your medical provider if you have kidney disease or breathing issues. If you suffer from liver disease, tell your healthcare provider. In case you take other medications for treating infections, notify your doctor.

Do not have this drug if you experience dry eyes. People who notice redness in their eyes should not have this medicine. If you are allergic to the compound, stop using this medicine. Breastfeeding mothers and pregnant women should not ingest this drug. Avoid driving after taking Xovoltib 50 Mg. If you do so, you may experience swooning or fainting.

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    decent service. Quick and efficient shipping. arrived earlier than anticipated. The product is functioning, by the way; it took me approximately 3 weeks to notice a difference. Additionally, the staff has always been incredibly helpful, responsive, and informed. I'll be placing orders from this business for a very long time.

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