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Dayvigo 5 Mg

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Dayvigo 5 Mg is a medicine that is recommendable for patients who are suffering from insomnia issues. Using such a medicine like Dayvigo 5 Mg it is possible to avoid being restless and sleepless at night. This generic medicine can help allow you to bring peaceful, composed, and undisturbed sleep at night.

Dayvigo 5 Mg is a medicine that only doctors can recommend to you. You can use the medicine if you are diagnosed with Anxiety sleep disorder.

Remember that Dayvigo 5 Mg pills do not work to permanently cure insomnia sleep disorder. But till the time the medicine is active, it can cause you to feel sleepy and drowsy.


Each dose of the Buy Dayvigo 5 Mg has an equivalent that is a 5mg component of the medicinal substance Lemborexant. For getting the maximum effects of the pill the patients need to use a daily dose.

Time your medicines and take them each day only when it is bedtime for you. Also, remember not to miss out on your doses too much as this may bring out the withdrawal symptoms of the pill which are similar to the side effects given below, or else they may not be able to cure the symptoms of insomnia in the best way.

Exceeding the amount of safe dose isn’t a safe option either as this brings chances of some critical side effects as well.

Side Effects

At times the side effects after using the Dayvigo 5 Mg pills could occur only as your body is adjusting to the dose. But these side effects will be mostly temporary and eventually go away within a couple of days. Also, most of the side effects of the Dayvigo 5 Mg pills will only be mild ones such as Dizziness, nausea, headache, vision blurring, palpitations, sweating, numbness in the palms, vision blur, and so on.


be extremely cautious about the tenure for which you have to use the Dayvigo 5 Mg Medicine. If you use the pills even after your recommended term you may end up having drug abuse tendencies to the pill.

Avoid using the pill with any addictive substance such as alcohol or narcotic drugs since these can severely raise the chances of having side effects.

Inform them about your age, and other existing health issues if any of them are present/ For female patients this medicine may not be recommendable for use during their pregnancy or when they breastfeed their infant.

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