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Azee DT 100

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ManufacturersCipla Limited
Packaging1, 3, 6, 10 Tablets In Strips
Strength100 Mg
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Overview of Azee DT 100

Azee DT 100 is similar to Azee 100 pills except for the fact that this medicine is only recommendable for children. The purpose of use and the nature of the medication’s working actions remains the same when it is used for curing several varieties of bacterial infections.

This drug is highly usable for children who are below the age of 18 years. Find out whether your children can take this medicine. it will largely depend on their age and suitability to use the medicine or even the dose and even the type of bacterial infection that they are suffering from.

Azee DT medicines are commonly available on the recommendation of a doctor but you have to be highly careful about using the medicine at specific times only.

What Is Azee DT 100 From Australia?

Azee DT 100 From Australia is a medication that promotes the curing of several types of bacterial infections among children. As is given in the dose name it is a 100mg dose which is the smallest variant under the brand name.

Containing the generic element Azithromycin in it this drug can promote a complete cure from a bacterial infection in children in about a week. Talk to your doctor about your child’s health, whether these medicines have been prescribed before, and whether your child has experienced any allergic tendencies with the use of the medicine.

At times any case of a slight overdose may cause side effects because the application of this medicine is being done on children.


Cipla Ltd. is the name of the company that is owning the rights to manufacture and trademark this medicine for the use of marketing and promotional purposes. Not only this brand all other doses of the Azee brand are manufactured by the company within India only.

Cipla is one of the leading pharmaceutical drug manufacturing and research firms in India providing essential healthcare through its wide range of prescription and generic medicines for several decades.


Azithromycin is the name of the medicinal component which you will find mentioned on the back label of the medicine sachet too. this is a generic element that derives its name from the macrolides and anti-infective group of medicines which means that the ideal application of the medicine is done in cases of any bacterial infection.

Azithromycin’s use is also done in curing sexually transmissible diseases such as curing gonorrhea. Ensure to take proper recommendations from the doctors as some cases of allergic tendencies have been noted within the patients.

Working of Azee DT 100 Azithromycin

The working method of Azee DT 100 Azithromycin and how it can completely relieve patients from bacterial infections is indeed specific and deeply intriguing. Azithromycin which is the generic name of the medicine works to inhibit the common metabolic processes of the bacteria thus hindering its capabilities to either reproduce or grow or even be alive.

Not being able to manufacture certain essential processes during its metabolic cycles the bacteria does not get any chance of survival. Although for this to happen it may take up to several days. Within this time the patient has to adhere to taking the medicines at the right intervals.

How To Take Azee DT 100 Tablet?

Azee DT 100 Tablet is a dose recommendable for children only. So first you must visit your children a general medicine doctor. Within children too the doctors will first find out the exact sort of bacterial infection and its severity. For this, doctors may recommend some diagnostic tests.

After this is confirmed, depending on their health and age status the doctors will recommend a suitable and easily adopted medicine that helps cure the bacterial infection.

At times doctors may even recommend the medicine more than once. Ideally, a single pill per day is the dose for maximum children although, in cases of extreme severity, doctors may even recommend up to three instances of the medicine within one day which have to be taken in every 8-hour time gap.

Dosage Of Buy Azee DT 100

The dosage your child will get will mostly depend on the exact type of bacterial infection that your child has. Buy Azee DT 100 is one of the highly versatile antibacterial medicines. its use case has shown that it can relieve various types of bacterial infections such as those occurring in the eyes, ears, nose throat, skin, lungs, stomach, or even intestines.

Within this, you must know that the dosage is crucial because you have to know about the timing. Do not miss any dosage and it is always preferable that patients be present when the child is administering the dose. Also, it is better if you administer the dose yourself.


Any instance of overdose is likely to cause a mild to a severe variant of side effects. but often it has been seen that mild side effects are the most common ones which include dry mouth, dizziness, slight headache, diarrhea, nausea, or even vomiting.

If these side effects occur then it is most likely that your child is having an overdose of the medication. So visit the doctor and inform them. Maybe the doctors are going to further reduce the dosage.

Miss Dose

Missing a dose can cause the infection to become more resistant. If you do not take your dose at the right time your cure will only get further delayed. The problem with using Azee DT 100 is that it is only effective for a certain time and thus you have to keep taking medicines right after the dose and actions of the previous one are gone completely. For avoiding missed doses you can set an alarm to never miss out on the right time for your medicinal intake.

Precaution Taking Before Azee DT 100 Online

With a chance of having side effects that you don’t want your child to suffer from it is necessary that you become cautious about a few things.

Remember as this medicine is for children only you have to administer the dose. Dot rely on your children to take the medicine as they may take two medicines which effectively means a case of overdose and hence side effects will eventually follow.

Let your doctor recommend the right dosage instructions for your child depending on their health and age bar.

Always note that your child needs to complete the entire course of the medicine even though the medicine will begin producing visual effects on curing bacterial infection within a week. Also, do not change the medicine dose without taking recommendations from the doctors.


Has your child taken this medicine before? Is your child on another prescription antibiotics course? As a patient, you have to disclose any of these two to your doctor. Also note whether your child is having to suffer from any allergic issues such as rashes, and others. Because of allergic issues, you may have to stop administering the dose to your child.

Benefits of Using Azee DT 100 For Sale

Azee DT 100 For Sale is a medicinal dose to cure bacterial infections in children. Using the medicine can your children may even get a complete cure within a week.

Avoid To Take Order Azee DT 100

Never let your child have this medicine if they have had allergic effects in the past. Although very rare, it is possible that your child is not able to cope with the drug-working actions.

Side Effects of Azee DT 100

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Dry mouth
  • Sweating
  • Rashes
  • Abdominal pain
  • Constipation

Storage of Azee DT 100

Storing of the medicines is best done within a normal room temperature range but never allow it to exceed 30 degrees Celsius. also, keep a note of humidity which should be preferably lower.

Azee DT 100 Review

Based on its high effectiveness within children, the medicine can cure most bacterial infections. Parents have mostly comprehended the use of the medicine.


Azee DT 100 helps provide cures for different types of bacterial allergies and infections.


What Is The Dose Of Azithromycin In One Tablet Of Azee DT 100?

Each tablet has a dose of 100mg of generic Azithromycin.

How Long Will One Pill Show The Actions?

Each pill of 100mg can have actions for up to 4 to 5 hours.

Where To Buy The Medicine?

To buy the medicine you can search any online website or else a local medicine store.

What Are The Other Doses Suitable For Adults?

Other suitable medicines for adults have a higher dose such as Azee 500 Mg, or Azee 1000 Mg.

What To Do If Side Effects Keep Recurring?

If side effects keep recurring then do not take the dose and take consultations with the doctor.

Can Other Antibiotics Interact With Buy Azee DT 100?

Yes, there is a chance that other antibiotics may contraindicate with this medicine.

Is It Safe To Take Azee DT 100 For Sale?

Yes, it is safe but only in those instances when the doctors recommend it since this is a prescription pill.

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